DIPP is made with a unique material. Respect your product by following some key steps.


  • Keep your pool out of the sun as much as possible. Temperature affects inflation as air expands with heat. Follow our inflation guide for correct way to get started

  • If not in use, drain and deflate your DIPP and keep in a cool, dry area out of the sun. Extreme temperatures can result in defects

  • Always use the drain to empty your DIPP. This will prevent any unnecessary strain on the seams

  • If kids, dogs and sometimes adults (actually most of the time the adults!) cause the pool to get dirty marks, use a clean rag and your favourite environmentally friendly cleaner to wipe down

  • Do not lean, sit, jump or apply excessive pressure to the product

  • Do not over-inflate. This will cause unnecessary strain on the seams and cause the onset of early leaks

  • When setting up your DIPP, make sure it is done on a clean and flat surface




Sprung a leak? We have you covered. Find a TPU patch in your box and follow these steps to get your DIPP filled up again.


  1. Once the leak is found, deflate your DIPP


  1. Ensure the area around the leak is completely clean and allow to dry for at least 10 minutes


  1. Cut repair patch to required size (we find it works better with rounded corners)


  1. Separate paper back from patch


  1. Place patch over centre of leak and press firmly, working out all air and water bubbles from under patch to edges


  1. Do not touch it for at least 20 minutes - let it set. The longer it is left, the stronger it will get


  1. Do not inflate for at least 30 minutes after the repair is complete


  1. Get back in your DIPP and unwind